Approach with 360° change of perspectives


Expertise of most diverse fair and event formats


To be the BEST is not only your goal but our benchmark


Access to our excellent, global supplier network

Brains & Ardour

Our motor for conceptual creation and implementation


Sourcing of exceptional inquiries in no time


Merging our skills, always willing to go the extra mile

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Our approach

We believe a successful project is the result of dedicated teamwork. Over and over again. Many years of experience are the foundation of our today’s expertise we introduce into every single of your projects. Our different backgrounds and history in very different kinds of fair and event projects and in many different business industries, allow us to analyze your project from very different perspectives. This is our drive for conceptional creation and implementation. Always striving to deliver the best.

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Our promise

When working on a project with you, your creative ideas & your exhibition strategy become the center of our attention. Not the other way around.

Bringing your ideas to live and implementing them the way you imagined them – even without saying is what we aim for.

Your needs drive us to set high standards and providing you reliable solutions – worldwide. Our proven network of partners and global suppliers are part of our strength. Whether we work as a general contractor or sub-supplier, unmatched reliability and high quality is our daily benchmark.

With us your event will be coordinated and supervised from the beginning to the end. No surprises! We provide you only with the best teams you can ask for.

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Our way to work

A successful production of an event also lies in the quality of the relationship that our team has with our network of partners and suppliers. Performance, quality, speed of execution, trust, innovation and fair budget remain the key points of an efficient relationship. We love to go the extra mile – with a smile.

WHERE we provide our services

Our main production & warehouse facilities are based in Germany with an overall inhouse-production and warehousing space of 80.000 m² – equipped with state of the art production facilities, logistic facilities, warehousing and offices – complying to the latest standards of security and information certificates. 

Our qualified production partners are based in Europe Belgium, Poland, Slovenia, Czech and UK, Turkey and all over the world :

  • Russia
  • China and Vietnam in Asia
  • US, Canada in the US